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Optimize Clinician Labor Costs with These 5 Tips

Are Physician Shortages Impacting Your Health System?

Do You Know the Difference Between VMS and MSP Staffing Technologies?

5 Tips For Healthcare Systems to Overcome Today's Staffing Challenges

7 Ways a Healthcare Staffing Firm Helps Your Organization

Key Elements of Social Media Recruiting for Medical Professionals

How MHA Helps Hospitals Through Challenging Circumstances

How NHHA Overcame Crisis During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Healthcare Organizations Guide to Mandatory Vaccination Policies

Assessing Your Company Culture to Find the Right Clinician

National Locum Tenens Week

CFO's Guide to Healthcare Cost Containment

Potential Hiring Pitfalls in the Offer and Acceptance Stage

The Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Staffing and Retention

Trust, Transparency, Accountability

Retention Plan for Clinicians in Your Healthcare Organization

Celebrate National Hospital Week With VISTA!

The Benefits of Hiring a Locum Tenens Clinician

Becker’s Webinar: Overcoming Staffing Challenges in Healthcare Systems

Physician Burnout: Why an Internal Mental Healthcare Program Matters

6 Things to Define Before Hiring Your Next Clinician

Are You Attracting and Retaining Top Healthcare Providers?

Rapid Response Recruitment: Continuity of Care When It’s Needed Most

Analyzing Healthcare Staffing Challenges and How to Fix Them

Defining Healthcare Staffing Challenges: Finding the Right Candidate

Defining Healthcare Staffing Challenges: Skills and the Interview

Defining Healthcare Staffing Challenges and How to Fix Them

Breaking Down the Barriers to Health Equality

Are You Using Data to Support Your Staffing Strategies?

Challenges Facing Critical Care Physician Staffing and How to Fix Them

Hiring and Retention Strategies for Preserving your Revenue Stream

Solutions To Current Financial Pressures In Your Health System

How Telehealth is Affecting Rural Hospitals

How Workforce Optimization Will Support Your Medical Organization

Why Your Organization Needs a Workforce Optimization Strategy

Are You Billing Locum Tenens Under The Q6 Modifier?

How Healthcare Leaders Can Leverage Workforce Optimization

Case Study: Cost Containment Through Workforce Optimization

How Technology Can Help You Manage the Physician Shortage

How to Capture More Market Share with Workforce Optimization

What is the Importance of Healthcare Staffing Analytics?

5 Ways Workforce Optimization Drives Workforce Productivity

Importance of a Talent Strategy and Workforce Optimization

Four Reasons to Adopt Telehealth Today

Gain a Competitive Edge in Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Improve Patient Experience with Workforce Optimization

How Much are Vacancies Costing Your Facility/Practice?

How Staffing Levels Affect Patient Experience

Using Data to Support Staffing Strategies

How to Take Control of Your Staffing Needs During Cold & Flu Season

6 Reasons Your Healthcare System Needs a Workforce Optimization Strategy

Expect More from your Locum Tenens Partner

Key Points to Recruit More Physicians Now

Considering Contracting with a Staffing Company?

How to Beat the Summertime Staffing Demand

Medical Devices Changing Healthcare


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At VISTA we’re dedicated to being our clients’ strategic workforce optimization partner. With our deep industry expertise and exclusive locums MSP technology, we help health systems, hospitals, practices, and government entities build and sustain effective workforce models that ensure patient access to care and organizational stability. Covering more than 60 specialties, we staff physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to help our clients preserve revenue and maintain profitability.