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Trust, Transparency, Accountability

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Jun 9, 2021 9:00:00 AM


In today's climate, many hospitals and healthcare systems are understaffed. This reality, combined with the desire to offer excellent care, makes it difficult for them to effectively handle all the duties related to operation on their own. Balancing continuity of care with cost control requires a technology-based approach capable of handling immediate and long-term provider staffing needs. 

VISTA Staffing Solutions is your partner for strategic workforce optimization. For over 30 years, we have helped our clients achieve their goals by establishing a relationship based on Trust, Transparency, and Accountability.

What is Trust?

Trust is the most important aspect of the relationships we build. Our clients know that we stand by our word to deliver quality service and support while looking for ways to decrease the dependency on locums. 

By determining where your deficiencies lie and why they exist, VISTA can put effective recruitment strategies to work for your business. Armed with data, we develop solutions to optimize your workforce. We help reduce your reliance on contingency staffing altogether without additional costs for technology or consulting.

You put your trust in us to help things run smoothly for your organization, and our goal is to meet your expectations every time. 

What is Transparency? 

In today's volatile, complex, and uncertain world, being transparent with partners is paramount for success. Communication is the key to a working relationship that actually works. Being transparent shows a willingness to articulate the why's behind the goals and the process for success. In addition, transparency invites and encourages discussion to make sure all parties have a complete understanding of every decision.  

At VISTA, we understand the challenges of the current healthcare market. We partner with healthcare organizations to build and sustain optimal workforce models that ensure continuity of quality patient care. In addition, we help you increase profitability, contain costs, and manage your physician pool through VISTA Select, our innovative, people-first, contingent staffing solution.

This technology-based approach is structured to gain transparency on your current accounts and supply data analytics to drive real-time decision-making. By reviewing goals and deliverables at regular intervals, we can determine the next best steps toward client success. 

What is Accountability? 

To be accountable means to be prepared to take on total responsibility. Measuring performance comes down to accountability. VISTA and its partners take accountability very seriously when delivering the best clinical staffing solutions possible every time. 

VISTA takes the time to identify and understand patterns in an organization's spending. We offer customizable workflows and solutions that allow staffing levels to be optimized. By being held accountable for quality patient care, VISTA can show you how to contain costs while maintaining or increasing revenues. We will facilitate contingent and permanent physician, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, or certified registered nurse anesthetist placements. 

What solutions does VISTA offer? 

VISTA is a true partner in workforce optimization. We work to understand every organization's unique demands to develop and introduce innovative solutions. We want to learn more about your challenges so that we can customize cost-containment options for your organization. As your exclusive partner, VISTA aims to ensure your facility operates at peak efficiency while handling high patient volume with ease.  

Customized/Standardized Processes and Procedures

To find quality locum tenens providers, it is often necessary to juggle multiple staffing agencies, procedures, systems, and documentation formats. VISTA's managed service plan can customize and standardize your communication and workflow processes in a way that works best for your organization. This works to make your company more productive and efficient than ever before.

Cost Savings

A comprehensive Workforce Optimization Review allows us to examine your processes, data, and analytics to learn where your organization most needs help. By identifying patterns in your workforce utilization levels over the years, we can quantify the impact these patterns have had on financial performance. We can then find opportunities to save on costs by removing elements that contribute positively to the continued delivery of quality patient care. From there, we can plan for the future.

Management and Staff Support

VISTA providers help reduce gaps in coverage by reducing strain on current staff. This dramatically reduces disruption in inpatient care. Our strategic recruitment plan anticipates client coverage needs and establishes the ideal time frame for recruiting. As a result, we recruit licensed, credentialed providers ready and available when you need help. By efficiently moving providers to where they are needed, we eliminate problematic gaps in coverage and help alleviate staff burnout.

VISTA Select 

VISTA Select is a customizable, zero cost, fully adaptable, people first, Vendor Management System (VMS) featuring wide-ranging accessibility and real-time reporting. 

With this innovative system, you can:

    • Visualize staffing status and needs
    • Identify opportunities for lowering costs
    • Standardize, track, and manage billing rate
    • Consolidate invoicing
    • View vendor scorecards
    • Track metrics
    • Keep records secure yet easily accessible

Monthly and quarterly reviews provided by VISTA help you see which metrics are in need of improvement. The team will then assist you in building a strategy that can further improve your operations.

Your Partner for Healthcare Workforce Optimization

To help clients preserve revenue and maintain profitability, VISTA staffs physicians and advanced practitioners from more than 60 specialties. VISTA's partnership network expands our available pool of providers and the ability to fulfill other clinical demands. Partnering with us means you can provide top-notch care while we help you maintain oversight of your present and future staffing needs. In addition, our suite of customizable services enables you to control costs and plan for the future.

We can design and implement a host of staffing solutions that utilize stand-alone technology, managed services, or some combination of both. Our services come with an exclusive relationship and a single point of contact to simplify the process. We use best practices to fulfill all staffing needs and help our clients achieve their short- and long-term goals. We handle every partnership with Trust, Transparency, and Accountability.  

Download our eBook to learn how VISTA can assist you with healthcare workforce optimization.  

VISTA Select: Your Strategic Healthcare Workforce Optimization Partner

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