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National Locum Tenens Week

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Aug 11, 2021 9:00:00 AM

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2021 National Locum Tenens Week happens August 9 through August 13. Led by the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO), this year's agenda also celebrates NALTO's 20 years of operation. 

In its fifth consecutive year, National Locum Tenens Week provides a forum for recognizing locum tenens providers and the contributions made by staffing agencies to the healthcare industry. In addition, it gives locum tenens recruiters a valuable opportunity to share their stories on a national stage.  

Why is National Locum Tenens Week celebrated?

Locum tenens providers bring relief to medical professionals and healthcare organizations facing a gap in care without their help.

90% of healthcare facilities in the U.S. use locum tenens providers every year, with over 50,000 physicians filling assignments annually. The opportunity to spend more time with patients, avoid burnout, and grow professionally are some of the reasons cited by doctors on why they make this important career move. In addition, providers enjoy flexible work schedules, the ability to travel, the chance to earn extra income, and the opportunity to make a difference.

National Locum Tenens Week is celebrated to thank providers and agencies for their service and loyalty. In addition, it provides the opportunity to recognize the impact locum tenens providers make at medical facilities in need of coverage to help meet the increasing demand for healthcare.

National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations

Established in 2001, NALTO was formed to create and establish strong industry standards and practices for the profession. With honesty, integrity, objectivity, and competence, the organization’s goal is to set clear and effective parameters of behavior for all affected by the industry, including providers, patients, and healthcare systems and practices. It is the only existing professional association in the U.S. of temporary physician and advanced practitioner staffing firms committed to a code of ethics and to maintaining the highest industry standards.

The Benefits of Locum Tenens

Locum tenens benefits healthcare providers, organizations, and patients and plays a critical role in the health of our communities.

Physicians and advanced practitioners can be contracted for any reason that results in a shortage of care, including a vacationing physician or staffing shortage. In addition, providers choose to work locum tenens when looking for a change or new opportunities to grow their careers. Finally, clinicians who are approaching retirement may accept locum tenens positions as a way to get experience or to end a successful career on a high note.

For healthcare organizations, locum tenens is a cost-effective way to bridge gaps in coverage due to burnout, periods of growth, leaves of absence, or provider shortage. In addition, it helps with maintaining patient satisfaction and is a way to stay fully staffed during busy times.

Patients enjoy top-tier healthcare from medical professionals interested in their well-being and who are happy to be there. In addition, rural or inner-city areas where quality healthcare may be lacking provides the necessary coverage.

The locum tenens lifestyle features flexibility, the ability to travel, a broad array of work locations to choose from, the opportunity to meet and work with new people, and more variety in medical cases. In addition, those who practice locum tenens find it to be a very rewarding career experience.

Locum Tenens coverage with VISTA

VISTA Staffing Solutions can help your healthcare system provide exceptional care and drive revenue with locum tenens coverage. By offering solutions that help more people see a provider and receive care, the physician shortage is offset in underserved areas, especially rural communities, urban areas that lack adequate healthcare facilities, Indian Health Service facilities, and VA hospitals.

Working with large and specialty-diverse groups of healthcare providers, VISTA staffs hospitals, medical practices, and government healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. with qualified providers to meet their short- and long-term staffing needs and fill permanent openings. Well-known for the quality of professionals recruited and placed, the VISTA team focuses on attracting experienced physicians and advanced practitioners who are board-certified with strong references. Contact us for more information.    

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