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Expect More from your Locum Tenens Partner

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Aug 13, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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The Numbers Don't Lie

Locum tenens can help maintain your continuity of coverage while preserving your revenue stream. 

  • 94% of healthcare facility managers hired locum tenens providers, including NPs and PAs, within the past year
  • 80% of healthcare facility managers rate locum tenens providers as worth the cost
  • 75% of healthcare facility managers use locum tenens providers during permanent search or to address turnover
  • 50% of healthcare facility recruiters' time is spent on the management and utilization of locum tenens providers while performing a permanent search
  • 10% of healthcare facility managers use locum tenens conversions to fill full-time openings

Benefits of a Good Agency Partner

→ In-House recruiters spend more time on permanent positions

→ More openings filled

→ Tremendous cost avoidance and containment

→ Accountable extension of the in-house recruitment team

Changing Expectations

Employers have often favored the use of in-house recruiters. As the liaise between various divisions of the organization, the role of a clinician recruiter can be extremely time-consuming. Because in-house recruiters have many different responsibilities, outsourcing these efforts to a staffing agency becomes an attractive option.

As the market continues to evolve, the staffing model evolves with it. Certain specialties will be in higher demand over others and will often require specific skills/certifications, making the search a bit more difficult. Thus, in-house recruiters may not always have the resources at hand to source these types of candidates. With the help of a good agency partner, the search can be broadened in a smaller amount of time.

Historical Locums Relationship

In the past, in-house recruiters would spend a vast amount of time calling around to various firms in hopes of filling a vacancy. The end goal was geared more towards making a placement, keeping turnover at a minimum, as opposed to making a relationship with their agency. Today, developing and maintaining those client/agency relationships has become the top priority in a locum tenens partnership.

Clients Expect More

The right locum tenens partner will have your best interests in mind, creating a plan tailored to your organization's unique needs. Your single point of contact will take the time to understand your facility, work culture/environment, budget and will help ensure quality candidates are chosen based upon your preferences.

What clients want from their agency partner:

→ One point of contact

→ Understand my facility

→ Know my culture

→ Understand my budget

→ Help me contain costs

→ Minimize my Risks

→ Do not sacrifice quality

→ Open to opportunities to take the provider full-time

Expect More

The right locum tenens partner will provide staffing solutions that ensure access to care and stability while preserving revenue and profitability. In addition, you will receive a personalized experience to help make provider placements a seamless process. You should expect the following from your locums partner:

Standardization and Locums Workforce Stabilization

→ Single point of contact and support team with onsite resources

→ Targeted and dedicated recruitment strategies

→ Help your organization reduce dependency on locums


→ Build upon an already strong credentialed workforce to support the client's community

→ Single point of contact for credentialing and privileging

→ Quality and service level checkpoints to ensure the standard of care is met

Cost Containment

→ Flat rate and ongoing rate assessments for all providers to help with budget and cost control

→ Smart reporting to bring awareness across your organization and drive behavior

→ Investment in local recruiting to build up provider pool and minimize travel/housing expense when possible

→ Reassignment strategies to reduce total spend

The locum tenens business model is observed as one of the fastest-growing segments in the healthcare industry. As a result, there are now many locum tenens staffing firms for health care organizations to choose from. To receive the best service and fill the growing number of staffing needs, it is important that in-house recruiters partner with an agency that has the individual recruiter and the organization's best interest in mind, as well as the best interests of the provider they place into the community. The best firms will provide this service and more and will hold themselves accountable. Be sure to take this into consideration when choosing a partner.

To learn more about choosing the right agency partner, by visiting vistastaff.com.

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