What Sets Top Emergency Medicine Physicians Apart?

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Sep 22, 2016 8:05:46 AM

While there is no such thing as a “typical day” for emergency medicine physicians, the pace is always fast and the pressure is always high. A single shift could include treating a child for abdominal pain, evaluating an elderly person’s mental state, managing a car accident, and a mix of other routine and critical cases. Emergency medicine physicians must be able to provide urgent care for a variety of patients with a variety of problems. While exciting, a career in emergency medicine comes with a set of unique demands that are not for everyone.

Here’s what makes top emergency physicians stand out from their peers:

Quick Decision Makers

Unlike many other specialties, emergency medicine calls for rapid decision-making, prioritizing and the ability to switch gears quickly to treat patients of all ages and conditions. High-volume EDs require physicians to identify critical issues while determining other existing health problems—even when a patient arrives unconscious, and often without the benefit of a patient history or time-consuming tests.

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What’s Next in Your Locum Tenens Career? Consider Minnesota!

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Sep 12, 2016 9:01:00 AM

Minnesota is home to much more than the Mall of America and an endearing accent (dontcha know?). Here are just a few reasons to consider Minnesota when planning your next locum tenens position.

Land of 10,000 Lakes… And Then Some!

In reality, Minnesota has closer to 12,000 lakes, and more shoreline than California, Florida and Hawaii put together. With all that water, it’s no wonder Minnesota has one recreational boat for every six people.

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The Many Perks of Government Positions in the Medical Field

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Aug 30, 2016 8:30:00 AM

If you're searching for new practice opportunities to grow or expand your medical career, you should be exploring the options provided by the government. These options will let you work in a variety of areas, from focusing on state level services to federal services, so you could do civilian or military work for the DoD, federal work for the HHS, or reach out to minorities and other underserved groups via organizations like the VA or Indian Health Services. With positions nationwide in a variety of fields, perhaps the best place to start is by understanding the perks of government positions in the medical field.

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3 Reasons to Consider a Rural Location When Choosing Your Next Locum Tenens Position

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Aug 22, 2016 8:30:00 AM

A big draw for locum tenens professionals is the ability to travel, experience new places, and treat people from different walks of life. For many, this means working in big, bustling cities, like New York, LA or Chicago.

But this wasn't what the industry's founding pioneers, Therus Kolff and Alan Kronhaus, had in mind. Locum tenens was actually created to bring physicians to underserved, rural communities.

If the bright lights and fast pace of city life aren't for you, rural locum tenens work offers a quieter alternative with many benefits. Here are three reasons to consider a rural location when choosing your next locum tenens position.

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3 Reasons to Take a Primary Care Position in California

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Aug 2, 2016 10:15:00 AM

Aside from its beauty, amazing year-round weather and a plethora of activities, practicing in California as a primary care physician has several career perks and benefits. The following are three reasons you should consider primary care positions in California.

Primary Care Physician Shortage

A recent report released by the California Primary Care Association (CPCA) revealed that “California will need an estimated 8,243 additional primary care physicians by 2030.” In other words, an additional 32% of the total workforce will be needed. The Association has declared there is a workforce crisis. That’s where you come in — by considering a primary care position in California.

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3 Mistakes Doctors Make With Their Careers

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Jul 20, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Certain challenges that prevent you from maintaining a healthy, active medical career may be prevented by avoiding the following three most common mistakes doctors make with their careers.

1. Allowing Medical License(s) to Lapse

Whether you are taking a break from practice or simply have collected a generous amount of state licenses through locums assignments, allowing a medical license to expire can impact the possibility of new assignments. Having an active license in a state where you are seeking work will be beneficial and expedite the process. If not, you will have to reapply for a license which takes time. Retaining active licenses allows you more opportunities for locums assignments.

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Tips for Negotiating Any Physician Contract

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Jul 18, 2016 10:00:00 AM

When accepting a new opportunity or position, you need to understand the terms of what’s being offered to you, to ensure that it makes sense for your professional goals, personal goals and your lifestyle. The following tips can help you when negotiating a physician contract that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Be Prepared

The first thing to remember is that certain things are negotiable and it’s important to know, going into a position, what is most important to you. Before meeting with your future partner or employer, consider the parts of the contract that you have questions about. Typically, the items that are most negotiated include salary, paid time off, and signing bonuses or stipends. Decide what is most important in your life: compensation, flexible hours, vacation time or a fast-paced, challenging work environment. An employment attorney, senior physician you trust, and even a recruiter that is familiar with contracts can help guide you through the process and sift through the contract language.

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5 Best Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Jul 15, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Quick, grab your medical dictionary! What, it’s not within arms reach at all times of the day? What about your smartphone? That’s what we thought. Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we function. From turning the house lights on before you get home, to checking on your sleeping baby in the nursery, technology has been a game changer in all aspects of our lives.

In the healthcare industry, it’s no different. With mobile devices becoming so commonplace in healthcare settings, there has been a rapid growth in the development of medical apps. These applications have made it simple and quick for healthcare providers to look up medications and treatment options, use a medical calculator and even manage their time. Best of all, most of these are free to download and use!

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Travel Benefits of Working Locum Tenens Assignments

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Jul 7, 2016 9:14:11 AM

If you’ve considered working locum tenens to increase your practice experience or if you are looking for a change of pace, we invite you to consider the travel benefits of working locum assignments. Not only does locum tenens allow you to travel around the U.S. and abroad, but it also exposes you to different work environments and cultures. The following is a list of three travel benefits of working locum assignments:

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Top 4 Reasons to Work a Locum Tenens Assignment in Maine

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Jun 28, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Maine is known for its peaceful retreat-like atmosphere and beautiful surroundings any time of year. Maine offers something for everyone which makes it an ideal place to live and work. Consider the following four reasons to work a locum tenens assignment in Maine.

1. Maine Has So Much to Offer

Also known as “Vacationland,” the state is full of natural beauty, attractions and entertainment. Some of Maine’s most popular attractions and natural sights include boating, golfing, biking, skiing, lighthouses, antique shops, playhouses, museums and art galleries, mountains, lakes, spans of beautiful beaches, bird watching, fishing, Moose Safaris — Maine’s official state animal — hunting, brewery and winery tours, water parks, amusement parks, casinos, petting zoos and more.

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