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Giving Back Through Government Locum Tenens

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Apr 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Giving Back Through Government Locum Tenens

If you're looking for a new way to serve your community, there are plenty of government locum tenens positions that await your expertise. These assignments can take you into unexpected fields, such as research and military work, as well as offer opportunities to work with diverse and underserved populations. Other benefits of government locum tenens include job security, great work-life balance, competitive pay, and even loan repayment assistance.

3 Ways to Give Back Through Government Locum Tenens

There are three main facilities that provide government assignments:

1. Military and Veteran's Affairs (VA)

Working with the VA gives you the chance to care for, interact with and learn from ex-military personnel. Thanks to their varied experiences, you will be able to hear fascinating stories as you help vets become and remain healthy.

The VA also provides exposure to some of the most advanced medical facilities in the country. Thanks to streamlined credentialing, you only need one valid, unrestricted state license for placement in any VA facility. VetPro, the agency's internal credentialing system, even works online in order to cut down on paperwork. This makes it simple and easy to accept a VA locum tenens position.

Dr. Duany, a locum tenens at Muskogee VA Hospital, says every day is a learning experience for his patients. “There is always something to learn from our ex-military personnel. Hear their stories. Give them some relief when in need. It becomes really hard to leave when you get to know a few of them. It becomes a need to serve them after learning what many of them have been through.”

2. Indian Health Services (IHS)

With this type of facility, you have the opportunity to provide essential medical services to Native Americans and Alaska Natives. In total, its national network of hospitals, clinics, and public health outreach programs delivers comprehensive health services to approximately 2.2 million people who belong to more than 500 federally recognized tribes across the country.

You will truly make a difference working with IHS, which has been able to provide an increase in life expectancy of 10 years since 1973 for Indian people. There have also been notable decreases in maternal and infant mortality, unintentional injuries and accidents, pneumonia and influenza, homicide, suicide, and alcoholism within this community thanks to IHS. As an added bonus, patients are culturally rich and appreciative, making working with them a rewarding experience.

Dr. Krishingner, who has worked with VISTA for over 10 years, particularly in Indian Health Services, sat down with us for a video interview to describe his unique position. If working with IHS is on your to-do list, consider exploring the Navajo Nation to experience awe-inspiring scenery, remarkable history, and beautiful traditions while supporting a deserving community.

3. State Health Care Facilities

Various states offer health care facilities for the underserved to provide emergency services and to help prevent disease outbreaks. Working with them will allow you to meet a wide variety of people, ranging from the impoverished to scout troop leaders who need extra immunizations for their positions. In some cases, you may go on location in a mobile clinic setting, while in others, you'll be working in a large facility.

In the mental health field, state hospitals step in during situations that call for the immediate inpatient care of those in crisis. They may also care for those who have been deemed "criminally insane." There, you can help patients on their journey back to stability.

According to Dr. Steve Holsenbeck, a psychiatrist at a women's admissions unit in a state maximum security forensic hospital, government work is doubly rewarding. “As the patients do better, so does all of society… This job will test both your adaptability and determination, but the personal rewards are great,” says Dr. Holsenbeck.

Regardless of your specialty or career level, government locum tenens is a great way to expand your horizons as you serve deserving communities in meaningful ways. By working with people directly, you get to learn about them, their living conditions, and the challenges they face as they try to maintain good health. To see which government positions are available now, check out our job board.

Giving Back through Government Locum Tenens

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