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5 NPs to Follow on Social Media (Chosen by VISTA)

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Jun 8, 2018 9:00:00 AM

nurse practitioners to follow on social media

Nurse practitioners play a critical role every day across the country, helping to fill the gap in coverage created by the physician shortage and delivering holistic, high-quality care. They have stories to tell, and compassion and lessons to share.

Previously on our blog, we listed our picks for the most savvy docs on social media. Today’s post is all about nurse practitioners, featuring handles and pages to follow for news, conversation and #NP inspiration. The following NPs:

  • Are in good standing within the medical community.
  • Post regularly and offer helpful health and lifestyle content that extends beyond personal opinions.
  • Engage authentically with their followers, sharing personal experiences and building relationships.
  • Have noteworthy social clout, as reflected in their number of followers.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your social scrolling pay professional dividends, or you just want to know what social influencers in your field are sharing, click the Follow button for these five NPs.

1. Katie Duke, ACNP-BC

Celebrity NP, health care media consultant and public speaker Katie Duke gained notoriety in 2012 as one of three feature nurses on ABC’s award-winning hospital-centric documentary series, NY Med. While her Instagramming actually landed her in hot water back in the day (she was fired after sharing a picture of a messy post-op trauma room), the incident serves as a reminder for NPs and providers of any kind how important it is to post with care and sensitivity. Today she continues to grow her Instagram following (a remarkable 93k) by sharing heartfelt, often funny moments with patients, thoughtful reflections and lessons learned on the job, and a dose of motivation for healthy living and positive body image. Follow her and you may soon notice she has some partnerships and paid sponsorships under her belt, too, so you can expect to see contests and deals related to nursing shoes, scrubs and other fashionable goodies. While Instagram is her main game, you can also find her rocking Facebook and Twitter.

2. Sara Marlow, FNP

If her Twitter handle doesn’t give it away, Sarah Marlow (@MissFNP) is a proud nurse practitioner. AANP Health Policy Fellow and teacher of health policy since 2014, she makes a difference by helping others understand the ins and outs of the healthcare system. Her tweets are devoted to sharing NP news, quoting articles and studies around the value of NPs, and celebrating fellow NPs and nursing students. Follow her and you’ll have plenty of reminders that NPs are changing the world, providing life-saving care and pushing innovation. While her Twitter presence is dominated by health news and legislative progress for NPs, you can find her on Instagram for a mix of NP pride, healthy food pics, updates on her teaching and advocacy opportunities, plus family moments — including the journey of first-time motherhood!

3. Stephen Ferrara, DNP

When he’s not spreading love for NY NPs, Stephen Ferrara keeps most of his tweets short and sweet — thanking legislators and others for their recognition of NPs, remarking on relevant laws and health news, and promoting observances like #ImmunizationWeek and #MentalHealthAwareness Month. He invites conversation by asking thoughtful questions and tagging other social influencers. Follow @StephenNP for frequent updates on the opioid crisis, progress in diabetic patient care and the impact NPs have on patient outcomes.

4. Dr. Sallie Porter, PNP

Sallie Porter’s Twitter handle (@DrSalliePNP) provides a glimpse into the busy and passionate life of a pediatric nurse practitioner with her DNP and a PhD in Urban Systems, also serving on the faculty at the School of Nursing at Rutgers. She tweets about studies on pediatric care, childhood development and social issues like children’s gun safety education, a cause close to her and fellow Rutgers University researchers. Follow Dr. Sallie for tips, news and conversations related to family health and systemic challenges that are important for everyone to understand.

5. Dr. Michelle Cuevas, FNP-BC

From the sound of her Twitter bio, Dr. Michelle Cuevas leads a full and fulfilling life — the California-based board-certified FNP is also a mother of eight and proud grandma (phew!), has her DNP and is active in health policy and teaching. Although she more often retweets other NPs and organizations like the AANP and the CDC, her handle reflects a passion for vaccine education, HIV screening, promoting equality, and mental and sexual health. Follow @DrCuevasNP for a variety of health news, how to get involved with policy discussions and some light #Friday fun.

What NPs Top Your List?

We recognize that these nurse practitioners are only a few of the talented, tireless NPs who take to social media to educate, connect and inspire others. Do you follow a handle or page that all NPs should know about? Leave us a comment below! And as always, visit our job board to check out open opportunities, or contact us.


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