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Why a Great Smartphone CV App is a Clinician's Best Friend

Posted by VISTA Staffing on May 5, 2015 3:13:00 PM


One of the most difficult tasks clinician's have to contend with is compiling and maintaining an up-to-date, attractive CV. The common adage, “there’s an app for that” exists for a reason: Their usually is an app for something and now there are multiple apps for clinician's who want to manage their CVs. Given the average locum tenens provider’s frequency of travel and need for convenience, speed and portability, the smartphone and its CV management apps could be a clinician's new best friend throughout their locum tenens careers.Listed below are three excellent CV apps for locum tenens providers:

  • Resume Builder Pro – This is an app for both the iPhone and Android devices. It works by importing data directly from your LinkedIn profile with the single touch of a button. You can arrange the data to create a new CV or implement edits to a new CV. Finally, you can email your CV, and cover letter to facility contacts as a PDF document. To make this app work, all you need to do is update your LinkedIn profile. Although many healthcare providers have not used LinkedIn because they assume it’s solely a business tool, it is still an excellent resource for physician and provider networking. Furthermore, as is the case with this app, many great CV and resume building tools flood information from LinkedIn profiles into their templates, so creating a LinkedIn profile is a great CV-building step, too.

  • Resume Ready Light – To begin, Resume Ready Light requires an original CV. The app allows you to clone your original document before adding new templates and information. It saves your copies so you can track the development of your professional progress. It also features a management module that can help you decide what information is appropriate to each CV. A great device, this app is unfortunately only available for Android. The section reordering feature of this app is especially helpful and time-saving.

  • Resume Star –This app is only available for Apple phones and tablets. You receive 10 CV templates that you can use to build your customized document, including options for cover letter development. You can rearrange text, control margins and change fonts. However, this app is far more than a tool with word doc benefits: It has special formatting and template features that provide you with the professional image necessary to secure your dream locum tenens job.

These apps are not only a sign that business is adapting to fit healthcare’s increasing demand for locum tenens provider-ship, they show that providers are in need of convenient tools that are as responsive as they are user-friendly and efficient. Although there are many CV-forming apps out there, the aforementioned apps are great starting points for a discussion regarding providers’ presentation and self-marketing. In the near future we may see smartphone apps that may be able to recognize new locum tenens assignments you might be interested in and adapt your information accordingly.  

More Convenience, Better CVs

In summary, although these devices require user input and a small time allotment, they also make inroads to convenience for those in the locum tenens provider pool. This convenience will allow locum providers working short-duration assignments to make their job search a continuous, ongoing process—one always occurring yet requiring far less effort.

Instead of consigning our important thoughts regarding our CVs and resumes to sticky notes and other easy-to-forget task trackers, CV smartphone apps, with greater locum use, will enable providers to make changes as soon as they come to mind.

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