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Professional CV – a must for every physician

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Jul 7, 2014 1:41:00 PM


Whether you are a locum tenens physician or a physician looking for permanent opportunities, it is important that you create a curriculum vitae that highlights your experience and background.  Make sure that you dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s”.  Here are some of the common details that we tend to overlook but are key to a great CV.

1. Keep your CV up to date.

* Nothing says “I’m interested” better than an up-to-the minute CV. Feature details that demonstrate your fit with this specific job.

2. Break information into sections and list accomplishments in each section chronologically.

*Starting with the most recent activity and include month/day/year for all dates. If you have no experience in a particular area, leave it out.

3. Make sure there are no gaps.

* Any gap in time must be explained. If you backpacked through Europe for three months, spell it out in your CV. Otherwise, it will generate a red flag in the mind of the reviewer and you will have to provide an explanation. It can slow things down or potentially hurt your chances for a position.

4. Use a font that is easy to read and use a minimum of 12-point type size.

* Use an all-purpose font that is easy to read and holds up when faxed. Arial and Times New Roman are good choices. Non-standard fonts may not be loaded on all computers, so a person who has received an electronic copy of your CV may not be able to read it. At the very least, the computer will substitute another font and mess up your formatting. Avoid the use of all capital letters and excessive bold, italic or underlining. Use a minimum size of 12-point type.

5. Customize your cover letter for each opportunity, highlighting your interest and qualifications specific to each position.  Also, be sure these qualifications are listed in your CV.

* Add a few details that make it obvious you are interested in a specific job. This is critical when you are applying for a permanent position.

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