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Locum tenens on the top of the world

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Apr 10, 2014 4:15:00 PM


Hafa Adia!Greetings from Guam...the top of the world, 7000 miles from home.Top of the world?Yes, if you consider that Guam is the summit of a seamount higher than Everest, rising 36,201 feet from the depths of the Challenger Deep in the (newly designated national marine monument) ariana Trench.Pretty amazing!

Sunset Without a doubt, Guam is rich in scenic beauty and history. However the real treasure of Guam is her people.The locals are warm, kind-hearted individuals who are quick to offer assistance.This was evident from the time of my 0230 Christmas Eve arrival and continues to this day.

Palm Tree

The morning of departure from Colorado, temperatures were hovering in the single digits, dipping to below zero at night.Winter in Guam has constant temperatures with highs ranging around 87 and lows around 77. Brief intermittent rainfall is a frequent occurrence. (Haven’t missed snow and cold temps at all!)


The OR crew is great...hard working, knowledgeable, cheerful and eager to assist.Meals are a communal dining experience with everyone sharing their food.Roast pig, a locals’ favorite entree, has been served twice in the surgery lounge for special occasions.


There is a wide variety of cases with many high acuity patients.The hospital in which I am working offers an opportunity for the “B&B” anesthesiologist to maintain skills in many areas of anesthesia. As with any locums assignment, a sense of adventure, curiosity, a sincere interest in others, flexibility and willingness to improvise are cornerstones to building the foundation for success.


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