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Hospitalists – Fastest Growing Specialty in the Industry!

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Oct 27, 2014 12:48:00 PM
Recent national surveys reveal that hospitalists are the most sought-after providers forlocum tenens opportunities in the industry.  Patient’s preferences for on-site and immediate assistance, as well as a personal approach to their specific healthcare needs, has created a growing demand for attentive and available physicians on a consistent basis.  A hospitalist’s ability to manage acute care patients in addition to developing and managing aspects of hospital operations allows facilities to optimize their operations resulting in greater management and care.  Many studies are additionally showing that hospitalists can reduce a patients’ length of stay up to 30% and hospital costs up to 20%.

Historically speaking the hospitalist position was almost unheard of a generation ago.  Today, the average hospital medical group employs 7-8 hospitalists if not more.  Virtually all of our countries leading hospitals in addition to our large managed care programs already have hospitalist departments or voluntary hospital medicine programs in place.  Hospitals and medical groups are also growing their departments in an effort to address and improve the challenges of patient care while enhancing the quality of their services.

Not only is it the fastest growing specialty in modern healthcare, but more and more physicians are pursuing it as a career alternative on a full-time basis.  Many residents are pursuing hospitalist careers upon graduation and many experienced practitioners are returning to inpatient care due to the benefits being provided in this line of work.

Physicians seeking hospitalist positions are usually seeing:

*Higher pay rates

*More diversified schedules

*Average assignments of less than a month at a time

*A greater number of opportunities

*Expanded geographical options

Recently the American Board of Hospital Medicine has started offering certification for this specialty.  More and more educational programs are now incorporating the training necessary for those seeking to pursue this avenue of healthcare.  Experienced physicians are able to obtain privileges based on recent CME’s, procedure logs, practiced skill sets, and comfort in an inpatient setting.

Not only are hospitalists being used within the United States, but they have long existed in Europe and Canada, and are regularly sought after in our International Locums Division.  We are currently staffing hospitalists in the following specialties:

*Internal Medicine

*Family Medicine

*Obstetrics and Gynecology


Please call and speak with one of our experienced staff members to determine your qualifications and opportunities available.  We look forward to working with you!

Source: Locums Life, ABPS


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