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Can You Connect with Patients as a Locum Tenens Clinician?

Posted by VISTA Staffing on May 30, 2017 8:30:00 AM

working locum tenensIf you’re unfamiliar with locum tenens work, you might think that short-term assignments cannot lead to meaningful connections with patients. After all, you don’t see the same patients regularly—as you would in a permanent placement—and you might only see a patient one time. So how can a relationship be established, let alone a deep connection?

Truth is, many locum tenens clinicians argue that practicing locum tenens does not hamper the ability to bond with patients. In fact, working locum tenens can actually enhance your patient connections.

We touched on the myth that you can’t get to know your patients working locum tenens in a previous post, but let’s go further here:

You’re There to Fill a Need

Roughly translated from Latin, the very definition of locum tenens is “to hold a place.” No matter your specialty, your job as a locum tenens clinician is to fill in and be there for patients and make sure they get the care they deserve. Introduce yourself as such, and the chance for a real patient connection is immediate. They know you’re not permanent, but you’re there now.

Depending on the location or facility where you serve, you could be the only clinician patients see. In the face of doctor shortages, especially in rural areas and underserved parts of the country, locum tenens clinicians are tasked with providing care at some of the hardest times in their patients’ lives. Bringing knowledge, skill and dedication to the table, locums doctors are met with immense gratitude.

You Can Be 100% On

Working locum tenens gives you the opportunity to create better life balance. The freedom and flexibility that comes with making your own schedule, choosing to travel and block off time for your family can lend itself to greater focus and satisfaction on the job. Plus, locum tenens professionals often have less administrative paperwork and headaches to deal with, which translates into the ability to get back to “true medicine.”

You’re Either Passionate… or Not

If you’re driven to serve patients, it doesn’t matter where or how you work—you will forge meaningful connections everyday. You may find that the benefits that come with working locum tenens can make your bond with patients even stronger.

We’re Here to Help

Starting out with locum tenens work is exciting, but it’s natural to have questions. Worried you won’t fit in when you land a locum tenens assignment? Not clear about licensing? We’re tackling your questions and concerns here on our blog and resources page—and we’re always here to talk live.

Contact us today to get in touch, or visit our job boards for Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers.


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