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VMS vs MSP: What You Should Know About These Staffing Technologies

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Jan 9, 2020 12:32:19 PM

One of the most difficult tasks hospitals and other healthcare facilities face is staff management. Proper staffing is essential to ensure that the hospital operates smoothly and that all patients have a positive experience. Because staffing can be so complex and involves so many diverse challenges, many facilities struggle to find an efficient and effective way to manage contingency staff, provide continuity of care, maintain a positive patient experience and drive bottom-line growth. 

In this article, we discuss two types of staffing technologies that can help with these tasks: VMS and MSP. Most healthcare facilities will find that one or both of these solutions reduce problems with contingency staff management.

Vendor management systems (VMS)

A vendor management system, or VMS, is a specific type of technology solution designed to help hospitals with contingency staff management. Vendor management systems do not recruit candidates to fill staffing vacancies. Instead, they allow hospital administrators to evaluate candidates independently. As a result, this system is considered vendor-neutral.

This solution offers several advantages for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, including consolidated billing and detailed reporting capabilities. This type of system is best for facilities that have a supply of candidates in excess of the available openings, which is a rare situation in today's market. It is also recommended for facilities that don't need direct contact with a staffing agency.

Managed service providers (MSP)

A managed service provider, or MSP, is an alternative to VMS that is preferable for many institutions. Managed service providers help hospitals and other healthcare facilities deal with short-term staffing needs by offering support through every phase of the staffing process. If a facility opts for an MSP, the facility will work with one central business partner to handle staffing.

Some of the functions of an MSP include recruiting quality candidates, onboarding new employees, consolidating contracts, and streamlining inefficient workforce processes. Some of the primary benefits of choosing an MSP include:

  • Better workforce efficiency - MSPs can simplify workforce processes, maximizing the overall efficiency of your institution.
  • Effective use of data - MSPs leverage data to optimize the planning process.
  • Cost-effectiveness - An MSP is one of the most cost-effective options available to hospitals facing a staffing shortage.
  • Reduction in overtime hours - With an MSP, facilities won't pay for as many overtime hours.
  • Lower staff turnover - MSPs can reduce turnover rates, thus saving the facility money and frustration.

MSPs are ideal for hospitals and similar facilities that are facing a conversion to Electronic Medical Records, experiencing fluctuations in staffing needs, and/or severe staffing shortages.

Although an MSP is a service solution, many MSPs now have their own in-house technology platforms. Some MSPs have even combined MSP and VMS technology to provide maximum benefit to their clients.

Bringing staffing technology to your facility

The benefits of staffing technology for hospitals and other medical facilities are clear. If you are dealing with staffing challenges, it may be time to adopt a staffing technology solution. Consider each of your options carefully, and select the one that will help you improve your workforce and better manage your facility's contingency staff. If you are not sure which option is best for your facility, consider looking for a solution that combines the best aspects of VMS and MSP for your benefit.

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