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VISTA’s Favorite Medical Podcasts

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Mar 12, 2018 10:00:00 AM

medical podcasts

Doctors don’t have a lot of free time, but they do need to stay informed and keep their minds sharp. In addition to continuing education opportunities and the day-to-day lessons of clinical encounters, there’s another place to turn to learn something new and helpful. Podcasts!  

Podcasts are a great way to absorb information at your convenience without investing your full attention. They’re also a smart way to spend time traveling to your next locum tenens assignment, on your daily commute, while exercising or out for a walk, with your morning coffee… the list goes on.

There’s a podcast on just about every topic, covering current health news and trends, to the latest innovations and health policy changes, to how to protect your practice from cyber security threats. Keep reading for VISTA’s take on some of the top medical podcasts today.

1. TEDTalks Health

What it’s about:

TEDTalks Health brings the magic and inspiration of a TED Talk to your ears. The podcast is made up of recordings from bite-sized presentations in front of live audiences, where doctors and researchers share their stories and ideas. Medical breakthroughs and discoveries are frequently the focus — such as, “How augmented reality could change the future of surgery,” — along with health-related social issues — like, “Our treatment of HIV has advanced. Why hasn’t the stigma changed?”

Why we like it:

What’s not to like about a TED Talk? This podcast packs a punch, asks important questions and features highly skilled public speakers. It’s entertaining, insightful and will leave you pushing the play button again and again. Podcasts range in length from 5 to 20 minutes.

2. The Short Coat Podcast

What it’s about:

Created by the medical students at the University of Iowa and their co-host Dave Etler, The Short Coat Podcast provides a window into what med school is really like, with a new discussion each week. Topics range from the light-hearted — “Man flu and other struggles,” — to the serious — “Another student fights mental illness stigma,” — all to help current med students navigate the waters, and give those considering med school an honest look into their future.

Why we like it:

This podcast speaks to an important audience: the next generation of doctors. It’s both truthful and encouraging, giving current and soon-to-be med students a healthy dose of reality mixed with practical advice. Did we mention this is created by students? Note that it includes some sleep-deprived ramblings and unfiltered language.

3. Docs Outside the Box

What it’s about:

In Docs Outside the Box, practicing surgeon Dr. Nii Darko spotlights cutting-edge and innovative doctors who are thriving in “non-traditional” career paths — from running start-ups to flipping real estate. The podcast stems from Dr. Darko’s experience transitioning from dissatisfying work to locum tenens, and his encounters with doctors living fulfilled lives along the way. These are practical stories for those who dream of thriving as physician entrepreneurs but need some help getting started.

Why we like it:

We firmly believe your career is yours for the shaping, and this podcast perfectly encapsulates the idea of creating your own path. From “That 1099 vs W2 life,” to, “Getting real with physician burnout,” the podcast covers topics in our direct wheelhouse and ranges from snippets (“5 Minutes of Positivity”) to in-depth, 60+ minute stories.

4. Financial Residency

What it’s about:

Financial Residency can be summed up by its tagline — “the money lessons you never received in medical school.” Hosted by financial advisor and husband of an MD, Ryan Inman, the podcast guides new doctors through financial decisions and scenarios. Episodes average about 30-minutes long and cover topics such as, “How to make the most of your health savings account,” “What you don’t know about home ownership,” and “The answer to your student loan problem.”

Why we like it:

Healthcare professionals deal with enough stress outside of dealing with their finances. We strive to provide clinicians with actionable tips around how to pay down student debt, save for retirement and stay on top of their expenses with locum tenens work. This podcast is another great resource for sound financial advice.

What’s Your Go-To Medical Podcast?

We hope you’ll explore some of these medical podcasts mentioned here, but we know there are plenty more out there. Did we miss any noteworthy podcasts you love? Leave us a comment below!

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