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Top 3 Things to Consider Before Relocating for a New Practice

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Aug 23, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Accepting a job in a new place can be incredibly exciting! We’ve talked about perfect summer locations, Southwest scenes and other places across the country worth visiting. But when it comes to making a permanent move, we know it can get complicated. In fact, sometimes it doesn’t work out.

There’s nothing worse than accepting a job, packing up your family and setting up in a new location only to be unhappy and want to quit after a couple of short years. Sadly, that’s the case for many in health care. In fact, Kurt Scott, Director of VISTA’s Physician Search and Consulting team said, “A quarter of all physicians end up leaving a new practice after just three years.”

So if you’re thinking about moving for job, how do you know you’re making the right choice? Our experience placing physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners in both temporary and permanent positions helps us understand what affects physician turnover. Before you accept a job, consider these three important factors.

Family: Will everyone be happy there?

If you have a significant other, spouse or children, your decision to move for a job likely affects their lives in a big way, too. Make them an active part of the decision-making process because their happiness can be what determines if a job sticks or not. When you partner with VISTA, your spouse will be given a community tour as part of your interviewing process with a new facility, and that can include meeting with a realtor and to ask questions and learn more about the area. If you have school-age kids—from elementary through high school—leaving their friends behind can be a big deal. We encourage clinicians to bring their children along for visits, so they’re involved and can start to feel comfortable with the idea of relocating.

Ultimately, you will need to have real conversations with your loved ones and think down the road about your future together. Specific questions to explore:

  • Do you need to consider school systems? If you have kids now or plans to grow your family, this is an important part of your search.
  • Will your spouse or significant other be able to find work there? What are their career plans?
  • Is having local higher education options important to either of you?
  • Can you see yourselves living there? Think beyond your housing needs to hobbies and interests. If you’re outdoor enthusiasts, the novelty of moving to a busy city may wear off quickly.

Values: Does the community have what you need?

Your job search may lead you to a great facility and you may find some ideal housing options, but you also need to feel at home in your bigger community. What’s the local economy like? Is there a close-knit community vibe? Do they host annual festivals or have opportunities to volunteer? It can be tough to figure all of this out ahead of time, but make sure you ask questions, think about what you like and take advantage of opportunities to explore your potential stomping ground. If you hold strong political ideologies, are passionate about social issues or enjoy getting involved in your community, share this with your recruiter so they can match you based on what’s important.

Chemistry: Do you “click” with the staff?

One of the biggest reasons physicians leave a new practice is not finding chemistry with their co-workers. In addition to feeling able to support the greater organization’s philosophies, you have to be able to trust and respect your colleagues, work with their particular style and even enjoy practicing together. It’s hard to know immediately if you’ve found a good cultural fit. After all, the interview and touring steps of the hiring process are very different than the day-to-day work experience. However, don’t ignore any gut feelings you get when you meet others during your interviews.

Make Your Move with a Partner By Your Side

It’s a big decision, moving for a job. By thoroughly thinking through whether the new position will meet your needs and keep your family happy now, you can avoid headache and hassle in the future. And our recruiters at VISTA are here to help. Start searching for your next permanent placement or locum tenens assignment by visiting our job board, or contact us.

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