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Locum Tenens Travelers — Tips for Getting Through Airport Security This Summer

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Jun 9, 2016 10:00:00 AM

airport security tipsSummer has arrived which means busier airports and longer wait times. And during heavy travel seasons, airport security naturally tightens. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will expect you to come prepared and know what is expected of you as a traveler.  

If you receive a locum tenens assignment that requires you to travel by plane, the following five airport security tips will help prepare you for summer travel.

1. Arrive Early

There will be a significant increase in the number of travelers this summer which means security will be ramped up and lines will be longer than normal. Arriving early to the airport will ensure you won’t miss your flight by allowing you to get through security in a timely manner with plenty of time to spare.

2. Be Prepared

Boarding passes, passports and/or IDs need to be at the ready when going through airport security. It’s easy to misplace these items while rushing through your travel day. But having these important items ready to show will speed up the wait time for you and your fellow travelers.  

3. Follow TSAs Travel Rules

The rules of TSA are there for a reason and must be followed. TSA is seeing an increase in carry-on bags instead of checked bags which increases wait times. If you choose to use a carry-on, be sure to check out TSA’s liquids rule for carry-on and checked bags to ensure a smooth security-check experience. Slow-downs in the security lines often occur because people have packed prohibited items in their carry-on bags which must be removed. Plan ahead and know what you can and can’t bring with you.

4. Wear Sensible Clothing

TSA really doesn’t care what fashion you are into, but what you wear can greatly affect your time in line. To get through security quickly, wear socks and slip-on shoes. You’ll have to remove your shoes anyway so why not protect your feet from the dirty ground by wearing socks. Slip-on shoes are easy to slip on and off. Each minute it takes to untie or unbuckle anything adds up and slows down the process.

Also, place your keys, jewelry, phone, watch, belt and other loose objects in your carry-on or inside a jacket pocket that you will place on the conveyor belt to go through the x-ray. This will speed up the process. It also doesn’t hurt to invest in a TSA-friendly laptop bag.    

5. Use Expedited Services

Locum tenens travelers may benefit from utilizing TSA pre-check services to speed up the security process by removing some of the checkpoint steps. This is for eligible, low-risk travelers to help expedite the airport screening process. And as a pre-check traveler, you won’t have to remove your shoes! These services require a fee and plenty of advanced planning.

These tips for traveling this summer should help ease the stress of going through airport security as you move into your next locum tenens adventure.  

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