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Explore the Navajo Nation with Your Next Locum Tenens Assignment

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Apr 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Yá'át'ééh! That’s “Hello” in Navajo, or “Welcome!” If you’re looking for something different out of your next locum tenens assignment, we invite you to explore the Navajo Nation. Its awe-inspiring scenery, remarkable history and beautiful traditions make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What’s more, you would be making a difference for a deserving population, and you can get started with any active state license. Keep reading to learn about what you can expect from a visit to the Navajo Nation.

Incredible Views and Natural Wonders

The Navajo Nation is the largest reservation in the United States, covering over 27,000 square miles on the corners of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Its boundaries include a variety of commanding landscapes and impressive formations, including the Grand Canyon, Window Rock and the sandstone buttes of Monument Valley. From dry deserts and flatlands to rugged wilderness and mountains, the reservation’s views are as diverse as they are breathtaking.

Ways to Relax and Kick Back, or Kick Things Up a Notch

If you’re looking for low-key days off, you can relax under the open blue skies, fill your camera with unbelievable shots or enjoy some lazy time on the water, floating, boating or fishing in the many lakes of the area — including Lake Powell, the second largest man-made reservoir in the United States. On the other hand, there’s plenty of opportunity for the more adventurous. The high plateau desert climate is perfect for camping, and there are unlimited trails for hiking, climbing and horseback riding.

Rich Culture

The Navajo trace their history to prehistoric times and have kept their language and many traditions intact. They are well known for their pottery, turquoise and silver jewelry, hand woven rugs, intricate sandpaintings and other beautiful creations. As a locum tenens clinician serving in the Navajo Nation, you have the tremendous opportunity to immerse yourself in their culture, take in the art and stories, taste traditional Navajo cuisine and learn about their legends, beliefs and way of life. There are many museums, including the Navajo Code Talkers Museum, which has actual gear and tools used in battle, victory stories and transcripts of a WWII Code Talker.

Unique Nights Out (or In)

The Navajo Nation is home to four casinos, and each incorporates Navajo culture and crafts into the design and experience. And if a casino resort, bed and breakfast, hotel or campground don’t sound appealing for a good night’s sleep, you could always stay in a hogan! These eight-sided, one-room lodgings are the traditional Navajo accommodations and feature no electricity or running water, and no TV, stereo, telephone or flush toilet. Some hosts will even provide a traditional Navajo meal to treat their guests to the full experience.

Make the Navajo Nation Your Next Destination

VISTA can connect locum tenens clinicians with opportunities throughout the Navajo Nation, and any active state license will work. Check out our job board today, or contact us to get started.


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