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Approaching Retirement? Why Locum Tenens Makes a Great Transition

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Jun 26, 2017 8:30:00 AM

iStock-92096210.jpgIf you’re nearing retirement or recently retired, congratulations! You’ve worked hard and planned for this next phase of life, and you deserve to spend it however you want. But maybe full retirement isn’t what you’re looking for just yet. Maybe you’re not quite ready to stop practicing… 

Locum tenens offers unique benefits for physicians and advanced practitioners that want to continue practicing medicine during or heading into retirement. We’ve got 5 reasons to consider semi-retirement with locum tenens: 

Stay Active, Stay Healthy

Many of us are busy bees by nature, and winding down slowly through locum tenens work makes a lot of sense. For the not-so-busy bees, it can be tempting to go from 100 to 0—but this isn’t always a smart choice for our minds or our bodies. Locum tenens provides a chance to stay active and continue to connect with patients and coworkers, yet enjoy greater autonomy and flexibility in your schedule.

Avoid Dipping Into Your Retirement Funds

Practicing locum tenens can help you continue to build your savings, so you’re not immediately withdrawing from your 401(k). Working less while still earning income translates to greater financial security further down the road.


You don’t have to wait for full retirement to take the trips on your list. There are opportunities for locum tenens work across the country, for every specialty and in every healthcare setting. Locum tenens allows you to continue practicing around your schedule and take assignments for short or long stretches of time, so you can enjoy vacations or simply work from new places. 

Test-Drive a Location

Can you picture yourself living somewhere else? A new state or the opposite side of the country? Maybe you want to move closer to your children or other family. Locum tenens gives you the perfect opportunity to see what it would be like, without actually packing all your belongings and uprooting your life.

Don’t Lose Your License

You never know what the future holds—you may decide you want to continue practicing on a part-time basis for years, or even return to full-time work at some point! Practicing locum tenens allows you to keep your options open by maintaining a valid, active license. Questions about licensing as a locum tenens physician? Ask to talk to a recruiter and put our in-house licensing team to work for you. 

Locum Tenens Gives You the Best of Both Worlds

Sound like semi-retirement with locum tenens might suit your lifestyle? Contact us today, or visit our job board—there are many opportunities to explore!


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