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7 Best Kept Secrets to Getting the Locum Tenens Position You Really Want

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Nov 1, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Looking to land the perfect locum tenens position? Even the most talented physician needs to take an organized approach if they want to find their ideal position. Use the tips we’ve provided below to improve your chances of standing out and landing the locum tenens position of your dreams.

1. Contact a Locum Tenens Recruiting Agency

Going at it alone can mean sorting through hundreds of job posts, making your own travel arrangements, and negotiating contracts on your own. Choosing the right agency can help you streamline the locums tenens process. Most agencies, like VISTA, also provide additional benefits to talent like paid travel, professional liability coverage, and housing.

If you do partner with an agency, make sure they understand your specialty. At VISTA, our specialty-focused teams make sure to guide applicants towards facilities with positions suited to their talents. Partnering with an agency helps you avoid wasting time pursuing jobs that aren’t right for you.

2. Get Your CV in Order

Your professional CV should answer any questions potential employers have about your qualifications for the position. A well-written CV should be no longer than two pages and formatted with a consistent, easy-to-read font. It should also include title headings and bullet points to outline your relevant skills and experience.

Other CV Guidelines

  • Keep your CV up to date in MM/YYYY format
  • Be thorough about your professional activity and accomplishments
  • List professional experiences in chronological order noting if you were employed by any group, agency, etc.
  • Explain any gaps in your career greater than 30 days
  • Add qualifications specific to the position

A well-structured CV can make a difference in quickly advancing the recruiting process.

3. Have Your Licensing and Credentialing in Order

The licensing and credentialing process varies by state and facility. However, there is a way to save time and hassle in obtaining the appropriate licenses and credentials for a particular locum tenens assignment. We recommend keeping important information and documents organized and updated, such as your CV, diploma/degree, postgraduate training certifications, and health documentation. You should also be sure to always provide accurate, error-free information and pay attention to licensing and credentialing application deadlines. By partnering with an agency like VISTA, your recruiter can streamline this process and help you get the necessary credentials to prevent any delays in finding the position you want.

4. Commit to Continuing Education

As a locum tenens clinician, you’ll likely experience breakthroughs and new techniques designed to improve the quality of care provided to patients. Make sure you continue learning and keep up with new advances in your specialty. You can do this by going to medical conferences and lectures or by contacting the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to find events you can attend.

5. Be Honest and Upfront

Make sure you're honest about everything regarding your education and experience, including past or pending issues with malpractice lawsuits and other legal matters. Don’t let potential employers uncover this information without you revealing it to them first. This gives you an opportunity to provide an explanation or context to the situation.

6. Keep Everything Organized

It can be difficult keeping up with all your relevant paperwork. Here are documents that you should always have on hand:

  • Immunization records
  • Copies of diplomas
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Current professional references with their contact information (direct phone and email address)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Professional liability coverage certificates or carrier information from all locations worked in the last 10 years
  • Court or legal documentation on any past/pending malpractice or other legal matter

Having these documents prepared and organized can help you avoid potential roadblocks to securing your ideal position.

7. Be Flexible in Your Search

Understand that each facility has its own needs and requirements. They also have policies and procedures they need to follow when it comes to shift coverage, employee interactions, and the length of your contract. Be open to accommodating the facility in areas that you are willing to negotiate.

The perfect locum tenens position is within your reach, and there are a few secrets to help you maximize your search. Keep these tips in mind to significantly improve your chances of getting the position that you really want.

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