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3 Tips for a Smoother Licensing and Credentialing Process

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Oct 31, 2017 10:00:00 AM

When you work locum tenens, you know you need to meet licensing and credentialing requirements for each new assignment. But does paperwork get you down? If licensing and credentialing are taking away from the reasons you love your job and giving you a huge headache, we can help.

Consider the following three licensing and credentialing tips for locum tenens clinicians. They might seem simple, but practicing them can help save time and eliminate the hassle.

1. Carve Out Time to Get (and Stay) Organized

Every state has a unique licensure process, and credentialing requirements vary from site to site. However, you can give yourself a tremendous head start and save time with every assignment by committing to some regular organizational housekeeping. This includes:

    • Keeping your CV and some critical documents updated. (Click here for a list of common documents requested during the licensing and credentialing processes, as well as what to include in your CV.)
    • Having complete contact information (personal phone number, email, home address, etc.) for professional references that are prepared to respond.
    • Being up to date on your vaccinations and able to provide documentation.
    • Giving yourself plenty of time to achieve licensure.
    • Paying attention to licensing/credentialing application deadlines, and meeting any deadlines given throughout the process.

2. Be Thorough and Transparent

The licensing and credentialing process is always easier when you provide accurate information. That sounds obvious, but bear in mind that even small discrepancies between your CV and application can delay licensing and privileges from being issued. Be thorough in your review—some state boards and facilities will void licensing/credentialing applications that miss deadlines or contain errors. Also, provide any legal documentation in regards to personal and/or professional legal matters.

3. Ask Your Recruiter Questions

If you are working through a staffing agency, you should feel like you have a partner by your side every step of the way. How do you know you’re in good hands? Ask questions—specifically these three:

1. Do They Have an In-House Licensing Team?

Are they capable of coordinating primary source credential verification, including licenses, privileges, education/training, certifications, professional liability insurance coverage, and more? Are they there if you run into any issues? VISTA’s in-house licensing team does all of the leg work of requesting and tracking verifications. It’s our job to help you avoid challenges, but someone is always available to help solve your problems if they arise.

2. Do They Cover the Costs of Licensing and Credentialing?

VISTA covers the cost of licensing and credentialing for any assignment worked through us.

3. Do They Have Experience and Established Relationships?

At VISTA, we have strong relationships with all 50 state medical boards and we understand when and how they review applications, and how long it usually takes. We also know potential roadblocks to look out for, and when requirements are updated or changed. Our team will work with you, the state medical boards and healthcare facilities to ensure all of the necessary paperwork is done correctly and documentation is ready on time.

Less Time Here, More Time with Patients

Licensing and credentialing take time and attention, but it doesn’t need to be painful. It shouldn’t hinder your ability to maintain steady work as a locum tenens clinician. If you have questions about VISTA’s in-house licensing and credentialing team, contact us.

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