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3 Reasons to Take a Primary Care Position in California

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Aug 2, 2016 10:15:00 AM


Aside from its beauty, amazing year-round weather and a plethora of activities, practicing in California as a primary care physician has several career perks and benefits. The following are three reasons you should consider primary care positions in California.

Primary Care Physician Shortage

A recent report released by the California Primary Care Association (CPCA) revealed that “California will need an estimated 8,243 additional primary care physicians by 2030.” In other words, an additional 32% of the total workforce will be needed. The Association has declared there is a workforce crisis. That’s where you come in — by considering a primary care position in California.

Though a healthcare workforce shortage in California may sound grim, it really means significant opportunity for you as a provider. California’s population is growing, the number of insured patients is on the rise thanks to the Affordable Care Act and community clinics and health centers (CCHCs) are becoming the “backbone of primary care in California.”

Advantageous to Your Career

Adding California locum tenens assignments to your resume can be quite advantageous to your career. Obtaining a California provider license has its challenges so adding this to your career plan is a definite plus. While VISTA’s in-house licensing experts are securing your California license, take that time to work a few other assignments. Securing a CA provider license can take 4-6 months, so once you have it you are at a clear advantage for getting jobs. The time and effort are clearly worth it!

Location! Location! Location!

We’re sure you’re aware that California is known for its many beaches, gorgeous mountains and very forgiving weather. You will never run out of things to do, places to visit or sites to see.

Interested in wine tasting? Head to beautiful Napa Valley where the land is flowing with wine and sometimes honey, if that’s what you’re looking for. While you’re up in Northern California (NorCal to the locals) head over to San Francisco. You won’t be disappointed! You can visit the Redwoods, drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, visit Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square or brave Alcatraz Island.

Southern California (SoCal) is known for its endless popularity and list of things to do. For starters, there is Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, endless beaches, authentic Mexican food, the Getty Museum, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the Santa Monica Pier and the strange, yet captivating, Venice Beach.

The list of reasons to work and live in California is endless. Start your list today and make a plan to add California to your locum tenens experience.    


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