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VISTA welcomes Fox Hill Associates

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Jan 4, 2010 11:16:00 AM

The VISTA family got a little bigger last month as we welcomed the experienced search consultants from Fox Hill Associates. VISTA acquired Fox Hill, a very well respected permanent physician search firm with a 30-year history in the industry, on Oct. 1. All of the employees have accepted positions with VISTA!

The Fox Hill Folks will be joining the Physician Search and Consulting team that I manage. Consequently, I thought it was very important that we all get to know each other quickly. Fortunately I am currently in the running for a very prestigious award (see The Wrangler Face Off, The New Face of Wrangler), so I was able to offer a nice introduction to myself.

Kurt at the Wrangler Face Off

Here’s what I know about them so far:

The office is just outside of Milwaukee, so they are obviously cheeseheads and most likely Packer fans.

The have a combined 136 years of experience recruiting physicians.

Their clients love them. You only hear great things about Fox Hill in the market. I should know, I have been working with them and/or competing against them for 20 of their 30 years in business.

They share the VISTA sense of humor. We sent them all to a photo studio last week so we could include their portraits in our Meet VISTA section, and Patrice Streicher, Associate Director, demanded a little black comb from the photographer. The kind you used to get in elementary school when you lined up for school photos. Ok, this dates many of us, but we thought it was funny.

We think they fit right in to a company that believes in working hard and playing harder.

Welcome to VISTA Patti, Wade, Patrice, Patrick, Ellen, Chip, Suzy, Pat, and Mike.


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