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National Healthcare Staffing Agency Supports the Navajo Nation

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Sep 3, 2020 9:00:00 AM

VISTA Staffing Solutions, Inc. Staff Needed Clinicians and Donates Dire Supplies

Salt Lake City, UT – September 3,2020 - VISTA Staffing Solutions, Inc. a leading healthcare staffing agency, continues to give back to the communities where there is a desperate need for medical care and supplies. As VISTA's commitment to supporting the communities it serves, the agency has partnered with Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation, located in Tuba City, AZ, to bring experienced clinicians, emergency funds, PPE, and dire supplies to the area.

The staffing agency has been able to place more than 50 clinicians over the last several months, working in Emergency Medicine and as Internal Medicine Hospitalist. With the TCRHCC hospital being at maximum capacity and 50% of beds filled with COVID patients from March - July, the clinicians have been working tirelessly to treat patients in the most effective way possible locally.

"At VISTA, we are filled with so much gratitude in being able to offer the PPE to Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation. Tuba serves the Navajo community 90 minutes outside of Flagstaff, Arizona," said Andrea Nelson, COO of VISTA Staffing Solutions. "They have been one of the most severely impacted populations working diligently to slow COVID-19 infections. The total number of deaths in the Navajo Nation has reached 468 with 9,223 positive cases. By providing PPE where it is needed most, we know the clinicians, patients, and community will benefit. "

During this global pandemic, there is no greater need than that being experienced by the Navajo Nation, where there is also a severe water shortage. This area, which spans part of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, has surpassed New York and New Jersey as the highest COVID-19 infection rate in the U.S.

"Washing hands isn’t an option when they do not have running water and have to go to a public tap to get their water for the day," said Kim Cogsdil, Division Director with VISTA Staffing Solutions.

With limited funds, Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation is actively collecting donations for its patients and community. As part of the staffing agency's commitment to supporting the Navajo Nation and TCRHCC, they have established a response and relief donation shopping link. Thus, allowing all who would like to help, the ability to donate.

"The appropriate PPE and supplies are essential in protecting patients and healthcare workers and helping control the spread of COVID-19," said Christian Rutherford, CEO of VISTA Staffing Solutions. "We stand with the Navajo Nation and the surrounding communities in the fight against this virus."

"We are grateful for the support and donation from VISTA, which helps us continue to provide patients safe, accessible, quality, and culturally sensitive care as we fight this pandemic. We are a strong-willed and resilient community, and together, we will persevere," said Lynette Bonar, CEO of Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation.

VISTA Staffing Solutions invites you to help the Navajo Nation and Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation. Click here to donate today.

About VISTA Staffing Solutions
VISTA Staffing Solutions has thirty years of experience providing award-winning customer service to clients and providers alike. Headquartered in Salt Lake City with additional offices in Atlanta and Houston, employs approximately 1,000 people between corporate staff and field clinicians and contracts with over 2,500 physicians across 60+ specialties and sub-specialties annually. VISTA helps U.S. hospitals, medical practices, and government agencies optimize their physician staffing, ensure quality and continuity of care for patients, and maintain financial stability. As a leading provider of U.S. Locum Tenens and Permanent Physician Search Services, VISTA also operates, VISTA Select, a first-of-its-kind technology and services solution utilizing advanced data and analytics to provide healthcare organizations with customizable workforce optimization solutions. For additional information visit: www.vistastaff.com

About Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation
Tuba City Regional Healthcare Corporation is a joint commission accredited health center that provides services to a 6,000 square mile area, including the western part of the Navajo and Hopi Reservation. Constructed in 1975 with a bed capacity of 73. Staffing all types of medical providers, including surgeons, psychiatrists, pediatricians, and oral surgeons. Providing comprehensive inpatient/ outpatient emergency and non-emergency services, including dental, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and OB/GYN for the culturally rich community. For additional information visit: www.tchealth.org


Andrea Nelson, COO
Toll Free: 800-366-1884

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