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New Zealand Medicine from an American Perspective, Part 1

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Aug 7, 2013 10:43:00 AM

Medical Training – Based on the UK system for obvious reasons.

  1. Medical Student – Medical school is an undergrad program – you are accepted either from high school or after one year of undergraduate scientific studies.It takes six years to finish medical school.
  2. House Officer – Equivalent to Intern, but at least two years.Also known as House Surgeon regardless of affiliation with any actual surgical practice.Their work is supervised by Registrars.A House Officer may work in any major field – meaning he/she may work in Surgery/Medicine/Peds or a combination, depending on the needs of the hospital.So an MD working as a House Officer in Surgery may actually have no intention of completing training in that field.
  3. Registrar – Equivalent to Resident, except training lasts longer.Registrars have completed their House Officer years and have applied for their Registrar position.They practice fairly independently at times and are sometimes allowed to perform surgery without their Consultants present, etc.Training as a Registrar typically takes five years or longer, even in primary care fields like internal medicine.They also generally must re-apply for a new position every year, often moving to a new hospital every year.They typically do not finish training at the same hospital where they started.Also, not all Registrar positions are actual training programs, so working these jobs does not necessarily mean you advance up the totem pole the next year.This means you can be a Registrar for the rest of your career, which some MDs apparently don’t mind.
  4. Medical Officer – A Medical Officer has completed some type of training program but has not reached the level of Consultant and must still be supervised in some aspect.
  5. Consultant – Equivalent to Attending in that you are allowed to practice independently without ‘supervision,’ except it takes about 10 years of training after Medical School to attain this status.If you train in surgery, it is considered an honor when, at some point, you graduate from ‘Dr.’ to ‘Mr.’

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