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5 Physician Blogs to Follow

Posted by VISTA Staffing on Jun 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM

physician blogsThere is a wealth of information on the internet from healthcare providers contributing their ideas and expertise on current healthcare issues. Stay up on your knowledge of the healthcare industry by immersing yourself in a wide range of topics and views in these five:

1. 33 Charts

“Exploring the edges of medicine and technology”, Texas pediatrician Dr. Bryan Vartabedian concentrates his writings on the digital culture of medicine, public health, and the future of medicine. In a recent blog post, “The Mayo Clinic Recognizes Digital Scholarship”, Dr. Vartabedian discusses the Mayo Clinic’s decision to integrate digital activity into academic curriculum. Mayo’s Dr. Daniel Cabrera shares the importance of healthcare providers working more closely to improve the service to their patients by helping them understand certain complexities in the practice.

2. KevinMD.com

Called one of the “most beloved health blogs in cyberspace” by physicianspractice.com, physician Kevin Pho and his peers contribute their intelligent opinions on some of the most pressing healthcare issues affecting the industry. “7 tips for doctors to be successful in telemedicine” by Greta Arora, MD describes what physicians should look for in deciding which telemedicine companies to partner with.

3. ACP Advocacy Blog

Run by Bob Doherty, one of the American College of Physicians’ representatives in government affairs and public policy, this is considered one of the more professional blogs that carries some influence in the industry. “Tolerating the intolerable” is a blog about a healthcare journalist’s experience being a patient and coordinating her own healthcare.

4. Mothers in Medicine

Managed by a group of physician-mothers who juggle raising children and practicing medicine, they are always “on call” dealing with two distinct types of patients who can be equally as demanding. “Why didn’t you just go to medical school?” explores the challenges of maintaining a work/life balance while keeping kids and patients alive.

5. The Doctor Weighs In

Founded by emergency physician Patricia Salber, this blog covers “everything healthcare” from clinical issues to the long-term impact of certain healthcare policies. One of Salber’s latest posts is a video and follow-up Q&A session with Airing CEO Stephen Marsh about his company that creates micro-CPAP devices without masks or hoses.

From mothers who practice medicine to the ACP taking on healthcare policy, these five physician blogs offer professional yet unique views that are useful in staying up on current trends in healthcare. Looking for more information just like this? Be sure to subscribe to physician updates from the VISTA blog today!


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